Friday, November 30, 2007

Training for Half Marathon!

28-Mon - Stretch & Strength (Lift Weights)
29-Tues-3 mile Run
30-Wed-2 Mile Run or Cross
31-Thu-3 Mile Run + Strength
1-Fri-30 Min Cross
2-Sat-4 Mile Run
4-Mon-Stretch & Strength
5-Tue-3 Mile Run
6-Wed-2 mile Run or Cross
7-Thur-3 Mile Run + Strength
8-Fri-30 min Cross
9-Sat- 4 mile Run
11-Mon-Stretch & Strength
12-Tue-3.5 Mile Run
13-Wed-2 mile Run or Cross
14-Thur-3.5 Mile Run + Strength 15-Fri- 40 Mon Cross
16-Sat- 5 Mile Run
18-Mon-Stretch & Strength
19-Tues-3.5 Mile Run
20-Wed-2 mile Run or Cross
21-Thur-3.5 Mile Run + Strength
22-Fri-40 Min Cross
23-Sat-5 Mile Run
25-Mon-Stretch & Strength
26-Tue-4 mile Run
27-Wed-2 mile run or Cross
28-Thur-4 Mile Run + Strength
29-Fri-40 Min Cross
1-Sat-6 Mile Run
3-Mon-Stretch & Strength
4-Tue-4 mile Run
5-Wed-2 Mile run or Cross
6-Thur-4 Mile Run + Strength
8-Sat-5-K Race
10-Mon-Stretch & Strength
11-Tue-4.5 Mile Run
12-Wed-3 Mile Run or Cross
13-Thur-4.5 Mile Run + Strength
14-Fri-50 Min Cross
15-Sat-7 mile Run
17-Mon-Stretch & Strength
18-Tues-4.5 mile Run
19-Wed-3 Mile Run or Cross
20-Thur-4.5 mile Run
21-Fri-50 Mon Cross
22-Sat-8 mile Run
24-Mon-Stretch & Strength
25-Tue-5 mile Run
26-Wed-3 Mile Run or Cross
27-Thur-5 mile Run + Strength
29-10-K Race
31-Mon-Stretch & Strength
1-Tue-5 mile Run
2-Wed-3 Mile Run or Cross
3-Thur-5 mile Run + Strength
4-Fri-60 Min Cross
5-Sat-9 Mile Run
7-Mon-Stretch & Strength
8-Tue-5 mile Run
9-Wed-3 mile Run or Cross
10-Thur 5 mile Run + Strength
11-Fri-60 Min Cross
12-Sat-10 mile Run
14-Mon-Stretch & Strength
15-Tue-4 mile Run
16-Wed-3 mile Run or Cross
19-Sat-Salt Lake-Half Marathon

Running Journal

I think that I am going to get me a little notebook to keep track of my time and miles ran each day. I can never remember from one day to the next how many miles I ran. Right now I have been doing 37 minutes with a 5 minute cool down on the treadmill - but I can never remember how many miles I ended up running. Believe me it's not many, however, I do get over two miles. Yeah buddy! Anyhow, I think that by keeping a journal this will help me to stay on top of things and work my way up! I'll let you know how that goes.

10K & St. George Marathon

The St. George Marahon (you've probably already looked at it...) is October 8, 2008. Registration begins April 1, 2008 and ends May 1, 2008.

10K - March 15, 2008 (Spectrum 10K) registration is $20.00 and the deadline is Wednesday, March 12th - 6:00pm.

Half Marathon Information!

The Half Marathon is April 19th, 2008 (Saturday)
Registartion fee before April 15th - $55.00
Register online at
Go their and check out any other info you would like to know - Like the Route etc...

Thursday, November 29, 2007


That is a very good question. I have a couple dilemma's - The Salt Lake Marathon is on April 18th. But they also have a half marathon which I am thinking about running instead of the full one. I really want to run the St. George Marathon, and training in the summer would be 10x more fun than training in the winter. In the winter you get to run on a treadmill, after 6 miles I am so bored. Plus my speed and pace outside is way better than on a treadmill. You could run the half marathon with me up here it wouldn't be too hard to train and be able to run 13 miles, by April.
Here is my other dilemma - weight - I like the weight I am at although I am 10 pounds less than my actual goal. I am OK where I am right now but don't want to loose anymore weight. So if I start to train and loose any weight then I will stop training until I can force myself to eat more, before I start training again. If that makes sense. I know they sound like real problems huh.


So Shellie what Marathon are you thinking of running? St. George? I have always had the goal to run the St. George Marathon...but when it comes down to it, well it hasn't happened yet?!?! Hopefully you can motivate me? Good for you!