Sunday, December 30, 2007

De-junk, de-junk, de-junk!!

My new year's resolution is to de-junk my body and my house. I probably will never break my habit of coke but I can try to cut out the rest of the sugary things I eat. I've got too much junk in my house and too many unfinished projects so I need to throw stuff away which may be just as hard for me to do as giving up coke.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's SET in STONE!!!

I signed up for the SLC Half Marathon, I'm $45.00 less in my bank account and will not let that $45.00 go to waste. Let the training begin! Shellie - you better register...I don't want to run this alone...I'm already seeing a great picture of the two of us at the finish line dripping in sweat - I can SO SEE IT! Although, I know you are going to totally pass me up, but I'm okay with that. If you register before January 1st you will save $10.00. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Maybe I can get Cash to join us as well since he is so gungho for the St. George Marathon. Okay - SO I'M TOTALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS. We can do this!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Shellie, You are so good at exercising!!! I am just struggling to get motivated. That's my one and only problem!!! Once I get my butt to the gym and get exercising I'm fine, but it's that whole bit of getting there!!! I think this is what I'm going to do...I'm going to sign up for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon because it will be set in stone that I have to do it! That will for sure remind me and get me to the gym. Have you signed up yet?


I Agree with Budgeting

So I was going to comment on Lucas and Budgeting but decided I just have so much to say about it! I need to start a budget as well. I don't have a steady flow of income, yet I feel like I have all the money in the world...NOT SO!!! The only thing that I remotely am doing correct is paying my tithing and the rest...well I'm just hoping for the best! I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do this budget, but all I know is I need to make a budget and stay with it! At one time, oh about six months ago (prior to Alaska) I was doing so good with budgeting...I think it helped that I had a steady flow of bills to pay and I had a steady flow of income. I really need to figure something out for my money and finances. I think maybe the Internet has to have something on setting up a budget and sticking to it! My two pieces of advice I've stuck by are this. 1. I always make sure the first check I write out when I do my bills is my tithing, then I stick it in the mail - get it out of my hands...otherwise (since I'm kind of inactive) it won't make it to the bishop and forgive me for saying this...I'm screwed on getting it to him! I FOR SURE have a testimony of tithing and know that by paying it I have been able to stay out of dept and have the money I need to get by. (Now I just need to stay active and I might get more blessings???) 2. I always put a percentage of my paycheck into one of my savings account. I have a savings account with my checking account, BUT I have a savings account in a bank across town (St. George - since I'm in Kanarraville) that the only way I can get money out of there is by going there physically and pulling it out myself. BUT I also have a direct deposit set up through work that puts the money in I basically never get to that bank, yet I keep having this money pile up. That's it! That's all I can say about finances that I even really know work...and no pun intended - can bare my testimony about?!?! ;)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lucas and Budgeting

I have been working on this goal the most lately. I am getting older and it seams all I think about is what I want now instead of planning for the future. I am trying to think back to how our parents lived and follow their examples. We are such a spoiled generation. The budget is just a beginning point for a lot of goals, like getting that four Wheeler payed for and other things. I am trying to enter all the receipts on the computer as soon as I get home for the day, so I always know how much money we have left. Also to save money, I take water and snacks to work to save on the gas station visits. That should also help with the 20lbs I need to still lose. When it comes to lunches, I try to take a sack lunch, or the 99 cent value menus are my best friend. Any other tips would be appreciated. Sorry logan that I made fun of you for being a tight wad.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Libby - How is your running coming along. I did mine, I ran for 40 minutes on 6mph incline 2,3,4,5,6. Ran for 10 min on 5.5 incline 4. Walked for 5 min on 4.3mph- Warm up - my cool down was 5 min walking backwards on 3mph.
Your Turn.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Challenge! - 60 Minute Run

Here is your first challenge you have week to complete - Endurance Test!
60 Minute Run - Set your treadmill to 5.5-6.0 mph (you may adjust as you see fit, but stay between 5.5-6.0), adjust your incline ever 2.5 minutes start low increase then decrease. If you need to stop and take a walking break that is fine just report for how long and what mph you walked at.
Tell me how many minutes you ran, what speed & what inclines you did?
I will do the same challenge.