Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Come on Let's Motivate!

Well, since no one ever updates this blog but me, I thought that I would update everyone on how my goals are going. Well, I have decided what to do with my life, at least for the next year or two. I am going to go to SUU and get me a bachelors degree in English. I haven't been doing too well with the nail biting, but I am not as bad as I could be. So far I have read 13 books this year, and I have finished the Book of Mormon, finally! I am saving my money like crazy, especially since I will be moving out in about two months and living on my own! Which I am very excited and nervous about. I have been a lot more positive lately, especially after reading The Power of Positive Thinking. That book really inspired me. I have been doing some scrapbooking. In fact I think that I got about four pages done, since the beginning of this year. So that is how my goals are going so far.
Now, I think that everyone who is participating in this blog should post about how their goals are going for this year. We should not put this blog to waist. It is a great idea and since it is the middle of the year I think we all need a reminder to work on our goals, I know I do! So everyone who is working on their goals for this year keep on going I know that you can accomplish what you want!

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