Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lucas' goals for 2010

I figured it is time to update my goals sense the last ones I had on this blog where from about one and a half years ago. My report on those goals are: first, get A's in college. Well I have since graduated, but my last two semesters I did get straight A's. Second, I wanted to Lose 2o lbs. I lost 35 lbs and now weigh what I did in High School. Third, I wanted to make a rock hard budget. I do admit I haven't succeeded as well on this one as the first two. Shellie and I make a lot less money then we did a year ago, and we still are doing OK, so I guess you could say we are starting to get things in order.

New goals for this year are: First, Stop drinking pop/real or fake sugar drinks. I want to just drink Water or fresh juice. This is just part of the new healthy lifestyle I am trying to live. Second, run a half marathon in 1hr 45min. I ran my first half last year and it took me 1hr 55min, so I want to do better. I am also running my first race this year with Libby in Salt Lake City and I told her I would beat her time by half. Third, get my survey licence in Arizona & Nevada. I want to move back to St. George. Most Surveyors down there are licenced in all three states, so to better help me get a job; I need to be licenced in all three states. My hurdle is, I need to take each states specific test and then pay all the fees which will be about a $1000. I am already working and doing well on my goals. I haven't drank any pop for the last 20 days. We got a family pass to the Olympic oval, because they have an indoor track, so I am running a few times a week. I also wake up each morning at six to do strength training. I am currently trying to get references from Five licenced land surveyors, because I need this to get licenced in the other states.

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DAVIS' said...

Lucas your goals are awesome, you and Shellie are so motivating. I don't think i have made any goals for myself yet. i guess you could say my goal is to have a goal this year.