Thursday, December 6, 2007

Challenge! - 60 Minute Run

Here is your first challenge you have week to complete - Endurance Test!
60 Minute Run - Set your treadmill to 5.5-6.0 mph (you may adjust as you see fit, but stay between 5.5-6.0), adjust your incline ever 2.5 minutes start low increase then decrease. If you need to stop and take a walking break that is fine just report for how long and what mph you walked at.
Tell me how many minutes you ran, what speed & what inclines you did?
I will do the same challenge.


Liberty Williams said...

Are you kidding me!!! I will have to start on Monday! I have been so busy/stressed with school...I know, i know, that is no excuse. I will on Monday, For SURE!!! Thanks for the Challenge though - I will let you know!!! I WILL DO MY BEST!

Lucashell said...

Don't worry it is just to motivate you - You will do good I bet you run so hard you feel like your going to vomit!