Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lucas and Budgeting

I have been working on this goal the most lately. I am getting older and it seams all I think about is what I want now instead of planning for the future. I am trying to think back to how our parents lived and follow their examples. We are such a spoiled generation. The budget is just a beginning point for a lot of goals, like getting that four Wheeler payed for and other things. I am trying to enter all the receipts on the computer as soon as I get home for the day, so I always know how much money we have left. Also to save money, I take water and snacks to work to save on the gas station visits. That should also help with the 20lbs I need to still lose. When it comes to lunches, I try to take a sack lunch, or the 99 cent value menus are my best friend. Any other tips would be appreciated. Sorry logan that I made fun of you for being a tight wad.

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